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Do you want to write your own computer games?

With Ruby, and the gosu gem you can do it. It is fairly easy to get going. And if you follow our screencasts, you can have a game going in minutes!

Also, take a look at our recent Show and Tell to get some ideas of the games that can be built by beginners. Have fun!

Click the pictures to see videos of the games

Mac Users

1. You already have Ruby installed in your computer.
2. Open the Terminal program under Applications -> Utilities
3. Type sudo gem install gosu
4. Purchase a text editor like TextMate, or use a free editor like TextWrangler or its paid brother BBEdit.
5. You are ready!
6. Follow the screencasts

Windows Users

1. From all the choices to install ruby on Windows, I recommend the RubyInstaller. Download and install RubyInstaller for ruby 1.8.7 or 1.9.2 or both.
2. From your start menu of your computer select the newly installed ruby application (1.9.2 or 1.8.7, whichever you installed), and a command window with ruby preloaded comes up.
3. In that command window type 'gem install gosu'
4. Purchase a text editor like e-TextEditor or a free editor like Notepad++
5. You are ready!
6. Follow the screencasts

Kids Ruby

Another way to get ruby going in your system (Windows or Mac or Linux) is to use KidsRuby. With this program, you have gosu already installed, so you are ready to go.